Visiting Paso Robles or the surrounding areas?

Please let us know how we can help with kosher food, Shabbat or anything Jewish related.

Currently, we do not have a regular minyan on Shabbos or weekdays. Contact us to find out if there will be one when your are here.


Chabad is located on the east side of the city, near Charolais Rd and Rabouillet Rd. For our address, please contact us.

Kosher food: 

There are no kosher restaurants in or near Paso Robles. The only Kosher establishment (during the school year) is the What's Cookin' Kosher food truck serving Cal Poly University in SLO (available on GrubHub). The closest full service establishments are in Los Angeles. 

Albertsons (Paso) and Vons (Atascadero) both have a limited Kosher aisle and Trader Joes (Templeton) has a wide selection of Kosher certified products including uncooked chicken and meat, as well as Pas Yisroel bagels. Some of the above stores carry several kosher wines, including Bartenura Moscato and Baron Herzog.

On occasion, Chabad will be able to provide catering on a case by case basis. For Shabbat or weekday kosher catering, please contact Chabad for a menu and prices at least a week in advance.


The closest hotels to Chabad (Courtyard by Marriott and Oxford Suites) are approximately a 45 min walk away, or at least 2 miles. Other nearby options are vacation rentals or AirBnb. You can reserve with Carrie on AirBnB and mention Chabad for a discount. Carrie is an approximately 10 minute walk from Chabad.


The closest mikvah is 2 hours away in Santa Barbara. The Salinas River is not kosher for tevilah, including for tevilas keilim (immersing dishes).